Check out what you get with a Popup Weddings™ site:


Curious how many people are visiting your site? See daily numbers on easy-to-view graphs.

Beautiful Photography

Set the mood for your wedding website with a choice of beautiful background images. You can add your own photos for some features, but if you don’t have some we’ve got you covered.


Update your guests on the progress of your wedding with regular blog posts. The latest post will be available right on your homepage.

Bridal Party

Show off your best friends and let other guests know who’s in your bridal party.

Contact Form

If your guests have questions, they can contact you quickly using a form.


If your guests have lots of questions, let them know all the answers in one place.


Show off how in love you are and upload photos and add them to categories so they can be filtered.

Gift Registry

Let guests know which shops or online stores you have registered at, and other information they need.


Receive comments from guests and moderate them before they go live.


Not sure what something is or how it works? Help is always close at hand, explaining every feature clearly.

Helpful errors

If a guest loses their way, we’ll help guide them back with error messages that match your theme.


Give your guests all the information they need about your wedding locations. Add a photo, map and more.

Retina Quality

Viewing a Popup Weddings™ site on a Retina-ready or Hi-DPI screen? It looks pin sharp on all devices.


Gather responses to your invitations by using the RSVP form wizard to gather what you need to know.


Open your site to the world or only allow in people that know you – the choice is yours.

Setup Wizard

Being easy to create is important, so we provide wizards and plenty of guidance.

Subscribe by Email

Let guests easily subscribe to your blog so that when you add a new post they get an email to let them know.


Get stuck? Ask questions, get answers and submit support tickets – we’ll never ignore you.


Beautiful, professionally designed themes to compliment the biggest day of your life.

Wedding Date

Add your wedding date once and we’ll add it where you need it. There’s even a countdown to let your guests know how long there is until your big day.

Works Everywhere

We worked hard to make sure your guests can use Popup Weddings™ websites on their desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. It’s not an afterthought.

Your Details

Add a little something about yourselves or share something your guests may not know. You can add a photo as well if you like. It’s up to you.

Your Own Name

When you create your Popup Weddings™ website you can choose your own name for its web address.

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Choose From Professional Themes

Each site comes with a choice of professionally designed themes to choose from, and we’re constantly offering more.

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