London Bridge and Flag

The UK’s prestigious wedding venues

More and more people are opting for weddings abroad, but whilst a beautiful beach wedding sounds idyllic, it’s tough for all your guests to make it – so we must turn our attention back to stunning locations within the UK.
Since the 1994 marriage act premises around the UK have been getting their license to perform marriages and this has resulted in some beautiful, if unexpected, wedding venues. So let’s have a look below at wedding venues of the prestigious, the peculiar and the practical.

Wedding ceremony

How to deal with more guests on one side

Unless you plan to elope, and are therefore able to avoid the ever-expectant gaze of relatives and close friends, you are unlikely to find the perfect balance in fulfilling the expectations of both guests of the bride and of the groom. In fact, imbalance at the wedding could well be a template for things to come – perhaps the groom is a single child, solitary type with a handful of very close friends whilst the bride is… well, Greek.