Couple in dismay

The Big ‘What Next?’

Left reeling on your return from a perfect honeymoon, you can be forgiven for feeling a touch of the post-wedding blues. Everything about the last couple of weeks have been perfect. You’ve gone from dressing up, surrounded by your friends, eating and dancing and bathing in the sun to sitting on the couch watching re-runs of friends and dreading the return to work. A little melancholy is understandable – something like a wedding is huge and has taken up such a large portion of your life that without it occupying your mind, you can quickly become consumed by the nothingness in its place. You need a plan. You need to know what’s next.

Best friends – bride and bridesmaid

All things bridesmaid: a guide

My most recent article, a not-so-definitive guide to choosing your bridesmaids was put out there to help brides think through and make one of the trickiest decisions of their wedding  – deciding on the bridal party. But, once you’ve made your selections and everyone’s stopped squealing with delight, what do you do? Well, you shouldn’t just leave your bridesmaids…