Our Story

Hi there.

We’re Kerry and Alasdair Page and we got married in 2013. When we were excitedly planning all the details for our wedding, our attention turned to the invitations and what we’d need to tell our guests. (It was also when we started designing the RSVP cards we’d include.) And we realised two things: there can be loads to cram in and asking all the right questions to get good replies was tricky.

So we decided to create a website for our wedding. Although nobody we knew had done anything similar, we gave it a go and with Alasdair’s background in making websites we put something together which looked nice and helped our guests with loads of things they would need to know.

A lot of people said they thought our wedding website was an excellent idea and some of our friends who were planning their own said they might do it too. But it wasn’t until some months later that we both had a brainwave.

Coincidentally, both of us had an idea. On the same day. At about the same time.

Our Idea

To let you have your own site for your wedding.

Because it’s important everything is as good as you can afford it to be. Getting married can be expensive and we want you to get the most out of your money and get something that’s really useful and really beautiful.

We want your wedding site to match your style. Whether it’s traditional or outrageous. Flamboyant or minimalist. One you can use whether you’re good with computers or not.

We’ll always be straight with you and give you choices. Because you should always know what you’re getting.

You can try out Popup Weddings for free. And after your wedding you can keep it as long as you like. Or not. You’re in control.

Got some feedback? Drop by our support pages, send us an email or hunt us down and camp outside our house (actually, on second thought, don’t do that).

But however you want to get in touch, let us know what you’d improve. And we’ll do what we can to make Popup Weddings better.